S2K_2I have known Rich Lang for over 25 years. Rich is truly one of the most professional, innovative and resourceful people that I know. Rich and his company, Core Motion, get the job done, get it done right and always seem to come up with new ways to do things better or more creatively.

As we were growing our company from a small sign shop into one of the largest distributors of local McDonalds® P.O.P (Point of Purchase) materials, Rich and his company were there with us every step of the way. Core Motion built a complete e-commerce site for all of our McDonald’s® products. The site included a state-of-the-art administrative CMS (content management system) which made it easy to add new products and specials in the site.

Core Motion also developed a totally innovative DESIGN-YOUR-OWN site for us wherein McDonald’s® restaurant owners could take a blank sign palette, add custom graphics or logos, write their own tag line, specify their offer price and then order their sign product online. In addition, Rich and the Core Motion team completed many other important projects for us including our innovative restaurant profile database and two client-specific sites.

I highly recommend Rich and his company if you’re looking for a perfect combination of site development expertise, great business acumen and a can-do spirit.

Dan Pulos
S2K Graphics Inc.

gpfRich Lang and his company, Core Motion, created, ran and updated my company’s websites for over 10 years.  Core Motion helped our company grow through the Internet to the point we needed to bring a full-time person in house to handle all the business we had. The TWO websites he worked on and maintained  for us were: http://www.guardianpoolfence.com

It was a pleasure to work with Rich as I found him to be always professional, honest and creative with myself and my staff.  I also found as years went by that Rich was much more than a just a website person when it came to marketing and innovative ideas concerning our products.

Core Motion created with various graphics and instructions our CHILDGUARD CONFIGURATOR.  This was a e-commerce solution where people could order our fence by following various steps that he created.  Unlike a simple online store, Rich and Core Motion took a complex situation (various options, calculations, etc.) and made a clear step-by-step and easy ordering process where our customers could order our product online.

It was my pleasure to work with Rich and Core Motion all these years. I will still be calling Rich if I have any ideas that I need professional advice on. He is very knowledgeable and I enjoyed working with him a lot.

Steve Sadinsky
Guardian Pool Fence Systems