What are the things I should think about if I need a web site?
It really is best if you do as much research as possible in envisioning what your web site needs are, what your web site should be, and what functions it should have. Like you should ask things such as:

  • Is it only a visual site?
  • Will I have to be constantly be making updates to my site like adding pictures, changing text, etc. and do I want to do that myself or have someone do that for me?
  • Do I need e-commerce?
  • Do I need a Shopping Cart and do I have have products or services to sell online and do I want people to pay online for those services?
  • If I am selling products online will I fulfill those orders myself or have a another company do the fulfillment for me?
  • Regardless, if it’s a simple visual site or a more complex one, try and lay-out all the sections and pages (and / or sub-sections) you’ll need to run this site and get the most out its functionality!
  • Pick out 2-3 designs of sites you admire and ones that you want your site to share some of the same attributes (i.e., look, pages, functionality, etc.).  It doesn’t have to be in the same category or business as your site, but take the time to BOOKMARK sites you admire.

In other words, the more you do your homework the better start you’ll have for a your web site.

Do I have to pay in full up-front? How can I pay? How are the payments broken down?
You do need to pay a dime up front.  Contact Core Motion and we will go over your needs in an initial meeting (either by phone or in person), determine what kind of web site you need and we’ll give you a free detail estimate.  If you like what you hear, you can pay us using cash, check or credit card.  Payments are usually broken up in 20% down,  40% halfway through the project and the last 40% upon completion.
Why should I hire Core Motion as there are millions of companies that do this now?
There are 3 answers to that question, SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT.  There is no question there are many companies that do  web site work.  BUT, they are big web site FACTORIES that you can’t get on the phone when you need support, can’t find them when you need to change things, won’t do the simplest change WITHOUT CHARGING and THAT’S where they REALLY make their money.  Small cost up front, big after that.  OR, you have a young kid do your site you you can never get on the phone after the site it done.

Core Motion is a small house BUTa professional company for 15 years now.  We keep it simple, keep our costs down and pass those savings over to you.  AND, WE WILL get in contact with you if you have a question or problem the same day

Do I have to live in your area to do a web site for me
No.  Wherever you live we can give you an estimate, develop a web site plan and then design your web site using current communication tools like skype, email, and phone.  Core Motion also has tools where we can look AND / OR control each others computer screens for easier understand and resolution of problems.
I already have a web site and I need it updated, can Core Motion help me?
Yes, we would be happy to update your existing website. Whether it’s WORDPRESS, DRUPAL, or a custom CMS (Content Management System), we can help.  Please use our contact form for more info.
Do you redesign existing web sites?
Yes.  We can redesign, update or give you a whole new look.   We will present the options, the cost and how long it will take so you can make an informed decision.
How long is the process to design and build a web site?
Once the meetings are done, the pages are finalized, usually it would not be more than a month to get your site up and running.
I don't like the initial design AND / OR colors? Do I have any options?
Of course the better we both do our homework up front the less this would be an issue.  BUT, if you are unhappy with the first design concept we will produce another one. Revisions, tweaks and changes are different than a design concept and we will implement those as we go.