Rich Lang has been working over 25+ years in a technical capacity with a varied background of experience. Rich originally started his career working on the space shuttle main engines as an aerospace engineer and evolved to web site design where he has always been hands on from A to Z (i.e., all the graphical design work, layout, SQL, coding HTML, CSS, FLASH, Etc.) Rich, in his career, has run a whole technical department of 20 (CAD- computer aided design) at Hughes Aircraft to just managing 2-3 direct reports for a single project.


(BSME) Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Fairleigh Dickinson University

(MBA) Master’s of Business Administration from Pepperdine University

(MFA) Master’s of Fine Art, Peter Stark Motion Picture Producing Program, From the University of Southern California (USC)

Professional Experience

Rich has built a successful business from the ground up ( Rich has provided decisive, action-driven, entrepreneurial leadership in coordinating all business development, marketing, and operational functions for both and other web site projects. Rich in his career has formulated project road-maps, designed custom graphics, layed-out web site navigation, and used skills in HTML, WORDPRESS, COLDFUSION, CSS, FLASH, FLASH Action-Scripting, JavaScript, and E-Commerce programming to complete projects based upon client objectives. Rich develops and manages client relationships, addresses client/customer support, executes program revisions, and monitors/update sites revisions.

Past clients of Rich and Core Motion have included McDonald’s, John Robert Powers Modeling and Acting Schools, Acura, JDRF Los Angeles Chapter, Public Links Golf Association of Southern California (PLGA), 40 LAGOLFCLUBS web sites, Guardian Pool Fence, Childguard Industries, S2K Graphics, Jonathan Canter Real Estate, , Ross and Associates, EA Sports, Kinkos, Pacific Life Annuities and more.



Mr. Chavez is an experienced IT professional with 14+ years in technology. Throughout his professional career he has worked in both the hardware and software and has served as a key technical steward ensuring Business and IT alignment. He has an outstanding record of ensuring a maximum return for his client’s investment in their technology portfolio by lowering total cost of ownership


Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California (USC)

Professional Experience

While working as a senior software engineer for Dassault Systemes in Woodland Hills, Mr. Chavez communicated with customers that included the U. S military shipbuilders to define the Software Requirements Specifications used to drive the software design, software testing plan and documentation of software. He was also in charge of software configuration including identification, control and account status. He played a critical role in ensuring the passage of several critical benchmarks to guarantee next round of funding for project (> $50M).

Additionally, Mr Chavez has also worked with several startups. Most notably he designed and implemented the complete application architecture for, a leading golf club and tournament SaaS application using a proprietary MVC framework. He designed and built the complete SQL database including the views, UDF and stored procedures needed for data mining. System supports over 40 clubs, 13,146 players and 740+ tournaments a year. Site averages 450,000 viewers a month. He designed and implemented a complete credit card transaction engine. Credit card engine processes over 13,000 transactions and over $1,000,000 dollars a year. His design led to a 90% reduction in time spent on tournament setup and management and 85% reduction in time spent managing club membership

Mr. Chavez is an experienced IT enterprise architect. Most notably designing a distributed network for Family Nutritional Centers that included 21 WIC stores located throughout southern California communicating and syncing with a central server located in City of Industry. The design saved his client over 65% in hardware costs and improved business process efficiency by over 30%. He is also working with the university hospitals and clinics of the University of Southern California in improving their web applications and cloud servers to better serve their patients, doctors and medical staff.